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About University

The University of Sheffield is a research university with a global reputation for exceptional teaching, impactful research and an outstanding student experience. Students from all over the world come to this leading institution to embark on a life-changing journey with the guidance of exceptional teachers and a diverse campus community. The university offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and its main faculties include: arts and humanities, engineering, medicine, dentistry and health, science and social sciences.


The University of Sheffield is a place where where new ideas are born and nurtured. Students will be encouraged to develop a questioning spirit and pursue exciting opportunities in their chosen field of study. A strong emphasis is placed on learning beyond the classroom by engaging with business, industry, governments, and communities. Along with their classroom-based learning, students of The University of Sheffield are assisted in pursuing study abroad opportunities, work placements and volunteer experiences. Such experiences allow students to turn their learning into practice and gain valuable skills as they pursue their degree.



Co-op/ Internship Placement

Cooperative education (or co-operative education) and internships are methods of combining classroom-based education with practical work experience. A cooperative education experience ("co-op"), provides academic credit for structured job experience. Co-ops are full-time, paid or unpaid positions. Internships may be full-time or part-time, paid or unpaid positions.

Work While Studying

Most students aged 16 or older are allowed to work, even if you are limited to doing a course-related work placement. It is a great opportunity, not only to make some extra money, but also to experience working life in the UK, meet a wide range of people and enhance your career prospects.

Work rights are a condition of your immigration permission. This means it is very important that you are clear about what you may and may not do. You must always comply with any restrictions, which are explained in some detail on this page and in the Home Office casework guidance - see our information about Student conditions for help in doing this.

Our blog, A working definition, provides answers to a lot of your frequently asked questions about work.

Student permission can also be used to work as a Students' Union sabbatical officer during or after study, and as a doctor or dentist in training or under the doctorate extension scheme after study. For information about work and other immigration categories, see Dependants, Short-term student visa and


Off-Campus Accommodations
Students wishing to live off-campus need to research availability on their own, and should arrive well before the start of term to do so.
There are a wide variety of homestay options available, and our partner schools do their best to match students and hosts according to their interests and preferences. All homestay accommodations have been inspected, and all adults in the home have completed a required criminal reference check.