The dundee University

About University

Dundee is home to genuine world-class science and research that has a positive impact on people’s lives. There is a strong tradition at Dundee of motivating research by ‘real-world’ issues and problems, and a desire to do research that makes a difference. This extends beyond labels such as applied or translational research to more fundamental drivers for undertaking research. Dundee also does very well in innovation and impact, where on some measures they are one of the strongest universities in the UK and, on two key measures, in the world.
Student satisfaction has been very strong for many years. This is based on many factors, including a strong sense of belonging and connectedness, evidenced over many years in student surveys and feedback; the personal attention that students enjoy; and the University’s partnership with students which gives them a high degree of representation. This enables students to find their own voice from the foundation of a supportive community.
Co-op/ Internship Placement

Cooperative education (or co-operative education) and internships are methods of combining classroom-based education with practical work experience. A cooperative education experience ("co-op"), provides academic credit for structured job experience. Co-ops are full-time, paid or unpaid positions. Internships may be full-time or part-time, paid or unpaid positions.

Work While Studying

See guidelines on working while studying here.


Off-Campus Accommodations
Students wishing to live off-campus need to research availability on their own, and should arrive well before the start of term to do so.
There are a wide variety of homestay options available, and our partner schools do their best to match students and hosts according to their interests and preferences. All homestay accommodations have been inspected, and all adults in the home have completed a required criminal reference check.