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College de Paris is a network of higher education establishments in France and Internationally.  College de Paris offer a wide range of Diploma/Bachelors/Masters/Doctorate programs offered around major areas of French Excellence. 

Why Qualiify?

We connect High Schools and Students directly with Universities and Higher Education Institutions. Provide the best educational solutions to the the candidates. Universities and Higher Education Institutions can reach out to their target audience in an effective manner.

How We Work

Step 1: Create Your Profile

Create an account, choose the level of support that works for you, and start Searching. One common application unlocks a world of opportunity.

Step2: Submit your application

Choose your preferred Institution and start applying. Set meeting with the Institution directly and receive advice from our expert advisors

Step 3: Receive Offer Letter

Compare offers and decide which school or university you want to attend and make payment to the Institution from our system. 

Step4: Apply for Visa

Accept your offer and apply for your student visa. We are here to help!

Step 5: Get Ready to start your Education

Book your flights and accommodation and get ready to start your academic journey

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Explore best-fit universities, receive expert advice, customize your level of support, and use a single application to apply to schools and universities around the world.. 


Register with us and get access to the prospective students before they even enter High School (A-Levels or equivalent). Increase chances of recruitment with us. 


Start exploring the best schools and universities for international students. We carefully review each university and program to ensure we are providing you with the best possible options and outcomes.